Game of Thrones season 7
Game Of Thrones season 7 aired its third episode The Queens Justice in the US HBO

The Queen's Justice has been served in Game Of Thrones season 7 episode 3 and fans are still reeling from the shock. While the episode has already been aired in the US on Sunday night, people in the UK will have to wait for Monday night to watch how the cruel yet classic tale of the Westeros unfolds. The episode will air on Sky Atlantic at 9pm on 31 July.

Warning: Major spoiler for Episode 3

The first two episodes set the stage for a looming battle between Queens Cersei Lannister and Daenerys Stormborn. While the Mother of Dragons has Tyrion Lannister's wise counsel, a ferocious army consisting of the iron fleet, the Dothrakis, as well as her three fire-breathing dragon children, Cersei has only a handful of allies.

But nothing can come close to the queen of Westeros' sheer cunning and cruelty. She is the epitome of evil when it comes to power. Sitting on the Iron Throne, she does not shed a single tear after she drove her last living son Tommen to suicide. On the other hand, the Khaleesi remains a people's queen and believes in saving lives.

The seventh season is all about how the two powerful women with personalities so contrasting will fight the battle for the Iron Throne.

In episode 2, we see the battle begin with Euron Greyjoy unleashing his vile persona and attacking the iron fleet to capture Ellaria, Tyene, and Yara. In the third episode, Cersei avenges her only daughter's death by giving the kiss of death to Tyene before a chained Ellaria in order to induce unimaginable pain and a slow death on the paramour of Prince Oberyn Martell.

But the evil queen wasn't done yet. She also sent her twin brother Jamie Lannister, with whom she has an incestuous relationship, to conquer House Tyrell and kill Lady Olenna. The King's Slayer does exactly that but instead of executing the old lady publicly like Ned Stark, he chooses a quiet death for her.

However, even in death she makes sure she does some damage to the Lannisters and coldly reveals a killer secret about Cersei and Jamie's cruel son Joffrey's death. "Tell Cersei. I want her to know it was me," she says after sipping the poison-laced wine.

Soon after the episode, Twitter was flooded with reactions to the death of the tough old lady. "When it's my time to leave, I want to go out in style like Lady Ollena," one fan wrote. "Lady Olena is the true Queen of Thorns.... wow. Mic drop," added another.

Diana Rigg, who played the famous character, opened up about her iconic final scene in the show. "It's a beautiful scene, and Nikolaj [Coster-Waldau] is wonderful. When it's well-written, it's a joy to do. And you don't get an awful a lot of always-brilliant writing on television, do you?"

"Mostly what you remember and enjoy are the scenes you played with people, you know," Rigg told People magazine. "And quite often they're combative scenes. The scenes with Charles Dance [Tywin Lannister] and Lena Headey [Cersei]."