Gary Rothwell of Liverpool laid claim to the world motorcycle wheelie speed record on 19 September when he was clocked at 209.8mph. Riding on Elvington airfield's speed track, the stunt rider had to make two runs, with one wheel off the ground for the kilometre distance, with his average speed counting towards the record.

In August Rothwell set a speed of 197.8mph on one wheel but missed the world record. Before Saturday's ride Rothwell said: "I was just on one-and-a-half mile an hour off the world record and 2.2 mile an hour off the world record that we want to get, which is the first person to ever get over 200mph on one wheel."

Riding in the Top Speed event at Elvington, Rothwell was clocked by the UK Timing Association at an average speed of 209.8mph. Rothwell said of his record: "I done, 20 minutes ago, a 200.3 mile an hour. I just went out again and done a 209.8 mile per hour – couldn't believe it myself."

As with all such record claims the results must be submitted to the national governing body, in this case The Autocycle Union, to be ratified.