A married couple who refused to let two gay men stay in a double room at their B&B have lost their legal fight at the Supreme Court.

Hazelmary and Peter Bull, who are committed Christians, were ordered to pay compensation to Steven Preddy and Martyn Hall for discriminating against them in 2008.

They took their appeal to the UK's highest court after a previous ruling found Preddy and Hall were discriminated against at Chymorvah House guesthouse, in Cornwall.

The Bulls said they believe sex outside of marriage is a sin.

But the Supreme Court threw out the Bulls' appeal in a unanimous verdict against them. On a panel of five judges, three found Preddy and Hall had been discriminated against directly, while two others found the Bulls guilty of indirect discrimination.

Direct discrimination means the Black and Morgan were discriminated against because of their sexuality. Indirect discrimination means a policy was in place at Chymorvah House which cannot be justified for business reasons.

Speaking after the ruling, Peter Bull told the BBC: "We prefer to face the law of the land and get in to trouble than we would to face God and get castigated by him. We are simply Christians, that's all. We believe what He says and we try to do what He says and that's all."