Gayle King has reacted negatively to Buckingham Palace's diversity drive, at a time when she is facing criticism for allegedly acting as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's spokesperson.

During a discussion on her show "This Morning," the CBS News presenter said that the palace's decision to appoint a new diversity tsar to help modernise the British monarchy can be the result of a fallout, reports The Sun. "It will be curious to see the kind of person they choose" she said, before quickly adding "it seems like fallout to me."

"I know you are saying development but it does kind of feel like fallout," she said.

Gayle King is a close friend of both Meghan Markle and Oprah Winfrey, and had reportedly played a huge role in arranging the explosive tell-all interview. According to a previous report in Mail Online, the planning for the interview started two years ago, after Meghan's decision to do a short interview with King after Archie's birth was overruled by the palace PR team.

Since the Oprah interview aired, Gayle has twice shared clarifications and statements coming directly from Meghan and Harry. Days after the interview, the 66-year-old reported that she had spoken to the couple "to see how they were feeling," and found out that "Harry has talked to his brother (Prince William) and he has talked to his father (Prince Charles) too," but "those conversations were not productive."

She later revealed that the royal couple had an agreement with CBS to not air the interview if the worst happened to Prince Philip who was undergoing treatment in the hospital.

Piers Morgan, who quit from ITV earlier this month following a row over his negative comments about Meghan Markle, accused King of acting as Harry and Meghan's spokesperson. He tweeted last week: "Hi @GayleKing – rather than acting as your Sussex friends' PR mouthpiece to facilitate their ongoing public trashing of our Royal Family, how about doing your job as a journalist and ask them about all the lies they told in @Oprah's interview? America should hear THE truth."

King has not responded to Morgan's accusations.

Profiles of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
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