The general election on 7 May is set to be the tightest in Britain for decades, partly because traditionally minor parties such as Ukip and the Greens are polling much higher than before.

It's looking likely that neither the Tories nor Labour will win more than the required 326 seats to form a majority government. In the event of a hung parliament, David Cameron or Ed Miliband will have to team up with smaller parties to form a coalition or agree a minority government.

Both the Conservatives and Labour are campaigning hard on the economy. Cameron argues the only way to deliver a stable Britain is to continue with cuts to public services and a reining in of the public purse. Labour says the country can't take any more slashing and wants to invest to promote growth.

The Liberal Democrats, who have been in an uneasy coalition government with the Tories for the last five years, have lost a lot of their support from voters angry that their leader Nick Clegg has been in bed with the Conservatives. Clegg even looks in danger of losing his seat in the election.

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