"General Hospital" episodes airing next week are full of drama and power play as Election Day at Port Charles is here. Meanwhile, some long-buried secrets will unravel. Here are spoilers for the next five chapters of ABC's soap opera airing in the week of Nov. 2. Read on to find out what's happening next.

[Spoiler alert! This article contains spoilers for "General Hospital" episodes.]

The week on "General Hospital" opens with events of Election Day at Port Charles. According to Soap.com, on the same day, Joss is going to find out secrets and information about her great-great-grandmother. Meanwhile, Portia and Ava will have a heart to heart with each other and find a common ground. Later in the week, Portia will lash out at Cyrus for all the changes he made at the hospital. She will not shy away from displaying her contempt. Later, she will have another showdown with Jordan. Just what led to an explosive confrontation, will be revealed on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, Lucy makes another mistake but she is taking it slow and easy. And Carly and Bobbie are eagerly awaiting important news.

Moving on, in an unexpected twist Peter will reach out to Spinelli despite all the things he has done to him in the past. Peter will also become a lending hand to Lulu advising her to approach her article from a different perspective.

Elsewhere, Julian makes desperate attempts to reach out to his sister. And in a surprising twist of events, Franco reaches out to Kevin for advice.

Fans will get a glimpse of Jason and Franco's complicated history. Franco will approach Jason with what is described as an "unsettling proposition."

Curtis' hunt for answers ends with upsetting results. And Lulu finds Dante by her side when she is in need of help.

The week on "General Hospital" ends with a difficult conversation between Sam and Alexis who gives her mother an "ultimatum." Meanwhile, Jason will be talking to Britt, and Robert realises he is too late. And Ava gives her brother Julian a piece of important advice.

"General Hospital" airs Monday to Friday at 2:00 pm on ABC.

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