"Days of Our Lives" episodes airing the week of Nov. 2 will dig deeper into Ciara's death and Ben's struggle to accept the truth. Meanwhile, Allie's son Henry will be undergoing a DNA test and this is going to make many people unhappy. Here are the "DOOL" spoilers for the next five chapters of the long-running soap opera. Read on to find out what's happening next.

[Spoiler alert! This article contains spoilers for "Days of Our Lives" episodes.]

When "Days of Our Lives" opens next week, the show will focus on Ciara's storyline. According to Soap.com, Ben is still reeling from the loss but his confrontation with Vincent might convince him to believe that Ciara has really died due to the car explosion. This is probably going to be Ben's last showdown with his wife's murderer. Will he end up shooting Vincent and land in jail?

Moving on, things are not going as expected for Tripp. He finds out that Kayla has arranged for a DNA test of Henry. He is furious and will be more furious when he figures out that Allie and Kayla were supported by his father in the decision to run a paternity test on Henry. The truth about Tripp and Allie is about to unravel as the test result arrives.

Elsewhere, Eli and Lani will be hit by another tragedy. Lani is panicking when she finds out that Eli has gone missing. Does Eli's disappearance bring back Kristen to the scene?

Whether Ben shoots Vincent or not, he is definitely going to jail next week. However, he has his friend Jake Lambert on his side as he helps him out to get bail.

Meanwhile, the week on "Days of Our Lives" ends on a high note. As Jennifer comes out of coma, celebrations ensue. Things take a shocking turn when Abigail discovers a letter written by her father that is addressed to Kate. The publication speculates that Gwen's true intentions will finally be revealed.

"Days of Our Lives" airs Monday to Friday at 2.30 pm ET on NBC.

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