George Clooney
George Clooney has suggested that he could quit acting and begin directing movies because he was getting older Atsushi Tomura/Getty Images

Actor George Clooney has said that in the past few years Hollywood has failed miserable on diversity. The 54-year-old actor said the movie industry has become even tougher for women and minorities.

"Yes it was easier if you were white and male, but probably not easier if you were a woman or a minority or had polio so there are an awful lot of things that have got much better," Clooney told Sky News. "It is something that ebbs and flows," he said.

"We have periods of time in our history when we're really good at it," Clooney said. "The United States particularly has had great moments of civil rights movements and great moments in cinema as well," he added.

"And we've also had the last couple of years when we've really truly failed, not just about nominations but about who is making films and who we're putting in front of the camera," Clooney said.

While speaking to the BBC, Clooney had said he could quit acting and begin directing movies because he was getting older. "It's a very unforgiving thing, the camera is, so aging becomes something you try to do less and less onscreen. You try to pick the films that work best for you and as you age they become less and less," he said.

"As you age onscreen you get to that point where you really understand you can't stay in front of the camera for your whole life," he added.

Clooney's latest film Hail, Caesar! is set to release in the UK on 4 March. The cast includes, Josh Brolin, Channing Tatum, Ralph Fiennes and Tilda Swinton. The movie is based on a true story about the film industry during the 1950s.