Boxing legend George Foreman is perhaps more famous these days for being the friendly face of a grilling machine empire than his pugilistic skills.

The former heavyweight world champion last fought professionally in 1997, aged 48, when he lost his heavyweight title to challenger Shannon Briggs.

However, that hasn't stopped him from calling out another high-profile figure on this Twitter account - martial arts expert and 1990s action hero Steven Seagal.

Details about the proposed super-fight are sketchy: Foreman has generously offered an 'open rules' match-up (big error if you ask us), which will take place at an unspecified date and venue in Las Vegas.

Foreman's motives are unclear but the prospect of the bout has captured the vivid imagination of his army of social media followers. Over 10,000 people have since retweeted the boxer's unconventional 'come get me' plea.

With both men well in to their sixties it's safe to say the pair's prize-fighting days are well behind them.

After hanging up his gloves Foreman has become a successful entrepreneur. The George Foreman Grill has sold over 100 million units worldwide, with Foreman pocketing $138m in naming rights alone.

Recently, Steven Seagal, aged 65, has courted controversy for his outspoken views and backing of Russian President Vladimir Putin. His support for Russia's annexation of Crimea resulted in Seagal being banned from Ukraine in 2017 as a 'threat to national security.' Seagal was granted Russian citizenship by Putin in 2016.

With the only miniscule chance that the bout will actually take place, we are left to envisage what would happen in the ring between the two. Take our poll and cast your vote on who would prevail in a battle between the two.

George Foreman Steven Seagal
George Foreman called out Steven Seagal and offered him 10 rounds in a Las Vegas boxing ring Reuters