The grieving boyfriend of the late George Micheal has been accused of attention seeking and self-promotion after sharing an eerie post on Valentines's Day.

Fadi Fawaz, who discovered the singer's body in bed on Christmas Day, took to Twitter on the calendar's most romantic day of the year to reveal his anguish. The Australian-born hairdresser shared a selfie of his own face hidden by a rose with the caption "Unhappy Valentines Dead. Self-portrait."

His online outpouring continued with two messages that read: "How much we hate each other us human wow no wonder why the world has come to the way we know it today" and "I lost respect for humanity just like humanity lost respect for love."

But the 43-year-old did not get the response he expected with some insisting it was in poor taste.

One commentator wrote: "@fadifawaz you're about as convincing as Karen Matthews."

Another posted: "It's self-publicity, disrespectful, disturbing and the wording is disgusting. Please take this down."

But some fans came to his defence saying many wouldn't be able to understand the magnitude of his grief and offered messages of support on his first Valentine's Day without Michael.

One fan wrote: "Must be a very difficult day for today Fadi. This day is all about love... You must miss him even more today. We all miss him."

Another added: "You are grieving and people who don't know you don't understand enough to let you be, but you're entitled to your pain."

A third said: "I bet George was happiest when you were happy xxxhe wouldn't want you to be sad."

Earlier in February, Thames Valley Police confirmed that it was no longer part of the investigation into the singer's death, telling The Mail on Sunday: "We are satisfied that there are no suspicious circumstances."

But despite being cleared of any wrongdoing, Fawaz is reportedly "not welcome" at his late partner's funeral. The singer's childhood friend Andros Georgiou said: "Heaven help him if he turned up. Fadi has not been invited to the funeral – the family hate him."

Fadi Fawaz George Michael
Fadi Fawaz with George Michael Twitter/@Fadi Fawaz