A Georgian non-profit fund wants the government to set up a dating forum to tackle the decline in marriages and child births in the country Reuters

Fearing a "demographic catastrophe" due to declining marriage and child birth rates, Georgia's non-profit Demographic Development Fund (GDF) has urged the government to set up a dating service to help solemnise weddings. However, a recent government census does not reflect any such alarming situation in the country.

The data revealed that as of 1 January 2015, Georgia's estimated population stood at 3,729,635, down only 14.7% since 2002, The Guardian reported.

The fund has reportedly launched a headcount of the country's eligible bachelors and bachelorettes and is collecting personal details like "weight, height and zodiac sign" of marriageable people in the country. The fund, which believes that dating apps would not help in increasing the number of marriages in the country, is creating a database that will be administered by a special agency. The fund opines that there is a need for a government-backed dating forum to facilitate matchmaking.

The GDF move is reportedly backed by the Georgian Orthodox Church, Georgia's most influential public institution. The measure is said to be receiving donations from parliamentarians, reported.

Meanwhile, the GDF campaign has elicited strong reactions from people of the country, with many ridiculing the idea of the government setting up dates for the country's bachelors. Local media reported some of the reactions, where people expressed fears of being taxed more for being single or being forced to enter wedlock for the nation's sake.