From a no-no to a yes, will a provoking kiss change the German government stand on gay marriages?

A promotional video ad on a new German magazine meant for gay women has gone viral after featuring an Angela Merkel lookalike in a lesbian kiss.

The advertisement from Straight magazine sought to generate attention by taking a dig at the chancellor's traditional views on same-sex marriage.

The German chancellor's doppelganger is shown shaking her head to a radio message in the background saying "62 per cent of Germans are in favour of same-sex marriage."

A young woman then enters the room, puts her arms around her waist and gives her a kiss. The magazine's Twitter post reads: "All of Europe hates Merkel? Yes, except for this woman."

"In order to generate attention you need to provoke," Eva Werle, spokeswoman for Straight magazine told NBC News. "We have not received a direct response to our advert from Mrs Merkel, but we hope that she will change her stance on gay marriages."

A government spokesperson contacted by the media group refused to comment on the issue.

Merkel who has backed equal benefits has stopped short of sanctioning same sex marriages despite what many see as overwhelming public support, going beyond 62%.

The video clip has been watched more than 1.5 million times on the magazine's Twitter and Facebook accounts, says the publisher.

The first issue of the new magazine features same-sex marriage as one of its main topics.

In May, the chancellor ruled out same-sex marriage in Germany and more recently came under fire for her views on marriage in interview with YouTube star Lefloid.

Merkel reiterated that marriage for her is between a man and a woman.

In another Q&A session with schoolchildren, replying to a teenager on the German government's weak stand on LGBT rights, the chancellor replied that she saw same-sex marriage as a matter of conviction.