Chance Orozco
German shepherd chews 10-year-old’s face who is receiving treatment at Children’s Hospital Colorado in Aurora, Colorado GoFundMe page/ Chance Orozco

In a brutal incident, a 10-year-old Kansas boy's face was chewed by a neighbour's German shepherd. Chance Orozco has lost an ear and his voice in the incident and might even lose vision in his left eye.

Local media reports stated that the boy had gone to play at his friend Enrique Galvez Jr's house on 5 December when the incident happened. He was found in a pool of blood twenty minutes later, with the dog still "chewing" on his face, police said.

Chance was taken to a hospital where he underwent a number of surgeries. The brutal attack has also left him with severe scars all over his face and head. Doctors at Children's Hospital Colorado in Aurora, Colorado, are waiting to check if he is able to see through his left eye, the Daily Mail reported.

The incident has left his family devastated. Chance's father, Stephen, said his son was not even able to breathe on his own and was using a tracheal tube to inhale.

They are seeking justice and have questioned Enrique Snr's account, who told police that his son was asleep when Chance came to his house. He has claimed that his dog was also chained at the time.

However, Chance's mother, Jennifer, said that Enrique Jr was the one who had come to call her son after school. "I don't understand how Enrique could fall asleep or be asleep when they got off the bus. When I look at those statements, they don't match up," Jennifer added.

The family has blamed the dog's owners for the incident. "We're not blaming the dog for the attack. We are blaming the owners of that dog because that dog was taught to attack, so if there is a fight for what is right, then it would be to punish the owners for teaching dogs to attack," Stephen said.

Enrique Snr has denied the allegations by the Chance's family and said that the dog wasn't typically aggressive and had met Chance before. The animal has now been euthanised for the safety reasons.
Enrique Snr has not been prosecuted as police have no evidence to prove that the dog was not chained.

Meanwhile, a GoFundMe Page has been created for Chance's treatment as with the limited medical insurance, it has become hard for the family to bear the expenses. "This is going to be (a) long road and require lots of financial help for Chance and his family," Patrick Nakfoor, who created the account, stated.

While Stephen said: "If people want to donate, that's fine. We're not asking for donations. If anything, we're asking for prayers. Chance, as far as him recovering, he's doing very well."