A mosque in Germany has been daubed in offensive graffiti that praises the Nazis and Adolf Hitler.

The partially built mosque in the town of Dormagen has been covered in swastikas, pro-Hitler slogans and messages that hail the Waffen SS – the most fanatical Nazis of all.

The incident in north-western Germany will fuel fears about the far-right movement in the country, following marches against Islam that recently drew tens of thousands of people.

Local police condemned the attack, while district chief Hans-Jurgen Petrauschke said: "There is no place for the spread of xenophobia or the glorification of the Nazi past."

A reward of €1,500 (£1,178) has been offered for information leading to the capture of the extremists.

The attack on the mosque comes as concerns about Islam grow more vocal in Germany, said local media (LINK).

A number of violent incidents, including an arson attack on a hostel for immigrants in Bavaria, has raised fears about the far-right in the country.