Hackers have targeted the website of Ghana's electoral commission as votes are being counted after the country held presidential elections on 7 December. The commission said the website, which was down for four hours, had now been reinstated, but it is blank.

The hotly contested election saw President John Mahama running against the main opposition leader Nana Akufo-Addo.

The commission urged people to ignore what it called "fake results" that have been circulating online after the website was taken down.

Images showing Akufo-Addo leading with 54.78% of votes have appeared on Twitter.

"We deplore the attempt to hack the EC's [electoral commission's] website. Please respect the integrity and independence of the EC," the commission said in a Twitter post.

The election was peaceful, but one opposition supporter was killed at a rally that turned violent on Monday (5 December). Results are expected in the next two days.

Mahama has been in power since 2012, when he defeated Akufo-Addo by less than 300,000 votes. Earlier this week, the president said democracy "had matured" in his country.

"There is a general perception of corruption in all African countries. I think it is a stage of our development. As we continue to strengthen the institutions of state, I think that people will come to see the integrity in these institutions," he told AFP.