Twitter users worldwide are (almost) in tears after watching this viral video of a Virginia teenager tripping over a set of steps. The video shows high school student Delaney Cooper not only falling over but also dropping a bag of McDonald's and a large drink in the process.

While the teenager grins triumphantly into the camera at the beginning of the video as she walks up her friend's driveway, the cheerful vibe quickly turns sour. Wearing flipflops, Cooper trips over the first step leading up to the front door, sending her recently purchased fast-food flying.

A large cup of soda spills everywhere, fries fall from the bag and get soaked in the drink. The end of the video shows Cooper holding her head in despair over her sudden misfortune.

It appears that the internet can simply not cope with such a waste of McDonald's food as users expressed their condolences to Cooper for her loss. One woman commented: "This the saddest s**t I've seen today", while another wrote: "I felt that fall in my soul".

Luckily for Cooper, the hamburger from the bag was still edible and while she may have lost out on a delicious fast-food meal she has unintentionally produced a viral video and her clumsiness has gained internet notoriety.

Delaney Cooper has gained internet fame @delaneyy_18