Clemson University student Carly Pate became a great source of entertainment - and the world - after she got her wisdom teeth out earlier this week. Following the procedure, Pate embarked on an eventful car journey which saw her crying over her 'broken arm' and demanding that she be taken to meet Hollywood actor Ben Affleck.

The clip begins with Pate convinced someone has "taken [her] tongue," despite her friend telling her otherwise and her mood doesn't improve when her the person behind the camera reveals she's been taken to see her boyfriend Andrew. Turns out, Pate wanted to go see the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice star instead.

Fortunately, she goes on to get to meet Affleck (...obviously Andrew) and ends up with a big grin on her face despite her earlier woes. Evidently excited about the once-in-a-lifetime 'celebrity exchange', Pate then FaceTimes her friend to tell them about the meeting, saying that Affleck told her to get some rest and that "he's gonna come see [her] later."

Affleck isn't the only famous person Pate is a big fan of either. Later on in the viral video, she starts gushing about talk-show host Ellen DeGeneres and even attempts to impersonate her signature dance moves. "She is just the nicest person ever, because she just gives all these kids opportunities to come onto her show," she says about the comedian. "I love her style, I love her clothes... and her dog. And I like it when she scares people. But I don't like being scared.

"I would cry [if I met Ellen] and just leave a puddle of tears on her stage."

And what prescription drug-induced car ride would be complete without listening to a bit of Bruno Mars? Make sure to listen out for Pate's brief rendition of That's What I Like around the 1:15 mark. The video has currently been viewed 2,063 times on YouTube since being uploaded on 8 May.