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For gamers who've always wondered what it would be like to live as a goat, then "Goat Simulator 3" got them covered. The upcoming title is a third-person simulation game that puts players in control of a rampaging goat.

'Goat Simulator 3' release date and platforms

The 'Goat Simulator 3" release date is on November 17, 2022. The game will release for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC.

At the moment, neither Sony nor Microsoft has indicated that the game will be coming to Xbox Game Pass or PlayStation Plus as a day-one exclusive, according to Of course, that's not saying that it won't happen as the first "Goat Simulator" game eventually made its way to both platforms around a year after its release.

'Goat Simulator 3' gameplay

The objective is to cause mayhem and pull off stunts in the game's urban setting while controlling the goat player character.

Just how much chaos a goat can do in the game totally depends on the player as they are given a free rein on what kind of shenanigans to do in the game. These include "clumsily jumping around, needlessly head-butting everything, offering little goat licks to the population, paragliding over a bridge, launching into space, and setting traps for unsuspecting victims," according to GameRant.

The playable goat can attach itself to things and objects in the world by licking them, which is a mechanic from the previous game that was carried over to this one. The game's open world, according to the makers, is 18 times bigger than the first one.

There are also areas where various gameplay styles are explored, including a first-person shooter spoof of Wolfenstein 3D. "Goat Simulator 3" also features a brand-new story mode.