Think he's too fat? Try saying it to his face Legendary Pictures

As the King of Monsters Godzilla warms up to cause some carnage in cinemas this week, the stars of Gareth Edwards' series reboot have defended the film's titular beast from complaints that he's become "too fat".

Time reported recently that Japanese fans were "annoyed with how fat the monster appears in the American trailer". Some have called him "Fatzilla", others the "calorie monster" or "Godzilla Deluxe".

Coming to the aid of the film's ancient monstrous star, human star Aaron Taylor-Johnson said: "You know what? Give him a chance. It's been 60 years. He's allowed to pack on some pounds."

Elizabeth Olsen, who plays Johnson's wife Elle in the film blamed the cameraman. "I think it might have been like a bad poster or a bad angle on Godzilla. I feel like everyone needs to give him a break. He's been sleeping in the ocean."

Of course Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston had the best retort, saying: "It's the Americanised version of Godzilla. You know, he eats a little too much, needs to go on a diet."

Ken Watanabe also chimed in, saying: "Godzilla has great exercise in the Pacific Ocean, swimming. You know, no fat."

Godzilla smashes his way into cinemas on 15 May. You can read our review here.