The world's fastest elevator, which reaches stomach-churning speeds of 47mph (75kmh), is being installed in a skyscraper in China.

Built by Japanese company Hitachi, the super speedy lift is found in China's Guangzhou CTF Finance Centre and will transport occupants at a record-breaking 1,260 metres per minute, reaching the 95<sup>th floor of the 112-floor tower in just under 43 seconds. The planet's previous fastest elevator managed to hit speeds of 1,200 m/min back in 2016 but this latest test, conducted by National Elevator Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, clocked an even higher speed.

According to Hitachi, the technology behind the impressive engineering feat is a permanent magnet synchronous motor, a compact traction machine with stronger main ropes and a control unit that can handle the high speed.

More importantly, to slow it down it also employs a high-tech braking system with special heat-resisting materials. Hitachi has also thought about the issue of blocked ears caused by the rapid ascent or descent by featuring air pressure adjustment technology to reduce the changes in the elevator car's ear-popping pressure.

While the ride to the top will be a gripping 47mph, speeds on the way down are thankfully slower, with a claimed 600 metres per minute descent, the equivalent to 22mph.

China is no stranger to record-fast elevators, however. As well as claiming the top two fastest elevators in the world (the second is found in Shanghai Tower at 42.8mph) it also has a total of five found in the top 10.

Hitachi has said it will use the technology of this ultra-high-speed elevator for future product development and to produce higher quality, safer and more comfortable elevators.