The producer of Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age has hinted that there are more stories to tell in the game's world of Ivalice. In an interview discussing the upcoming PS4 remaster, Hiroaki Kato told IBTimes UK that "there's definitely a chance" that the fictional universe will make a return.

The medieval-themed setting first appeared in PS1 title Final Fantasy Tactics in 1997 and was shared by a number of entries in the spin-off strategy series. Prior to its high profile return in Final Fantasy 12, and its handheld sequel, Final Fantasy 12: Revenant Wings, Ivalice was also referenced in Vagrant Story - a cult classic RPG from Square Enix's PS1 era.

When asked about a potential excursion back to the Mediterranean-inspired setting in future games, Kato said: "If we see the reaction to The Zodiac Age and people are really positive about it and say that they want to see more titles set in Ivalice we would very much look into it."

"I think there's a good possibility that we will be doing more," he continued.

Aside from an appearance in the Japanese-only mobile game, Final Fantasy Tactics S, the world of Ivalice and Square Enix's Ivalice Alliance project – a compilation of games sharing locations, characters and themes – had been mostly left on the shelf since 2007 until the publisher announced the Stormblood expansion for PS4 and PC title, Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn.

Set for 20 June, the latest add-on to the massively multiplayer online RPG includes an Ivalice-set raid mission – aptly dubbed Return to Ivalice – that has been written and designed by Tactics and original Final Fantasy 12 director, Yasumi Matsuno.

You can read the full interview with Kato here, where he also discusses the legacy of Final Fantasy 12, the mixed reception it received among fans, and the backlash against lead protagonist Vaan. IBTimes UK also spoke to The Zodiac Age's director, Takashi Katano, who teased that future games pulled from the Final Fantasy archives are likely to be full-fledged remakes.

Final Fantasy 12 Zodiac Age Ivalice
The rabbit-like Viera race are exclusive to Final Fantasy 12's setting of Ivalice. IBTimes UK

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