Google removes Samsung-supported ad-blocking app from Play Store
Even after the ad service was restored, 9to5Google wants to change the name of its portal Getty Images

Google on 24 February had removed advertisements of 9to5Google – a news site dedicated to covering the internet giant – accusing it of trademark violation. However, the California-headquartered company reinstated the service later stating:

Our Policy Team has taken another look at this [removing the ads] and decided to reinstate ad serving to your site. No further action is needed. Please reach out if you still have any issues with ads on your site.
– Google Rep

According to the news site, Google terminated the ad account, as the portal 9to5Google carries the company's name. Interestingly, this was noticed by the tech giant five years since the site has been operational. The news portal also claimed that "[its] network does well into 6 figures/month [generates revenue]" for Google.

Nonetheless, after 9to5 learnt that its ads were not being supported by Google, but were appearing on other portals such as 9to5Toys and 9to5Mac, the team contacted Google for a solution. "We have learned that Google's Public Policy Team has decided that, after five years of publishing under the 9to5Google name, we have been violating their trademark. Sure we're on Google+, News, Apps, Ads and just about everything else Google as 9to5Google but I guess something changed," wrote, Seth Weintraub, publisher and editorial director of the 9to5 sites.

The news portal was asked source its ads from third-party operators. In an email response, a Google representative informed 9to5, "We understand that you have been operating the site for many years and have even attended several Google hosted events without anyone bringing up an issue; however, our Legal Team must take action when they discover a trademark violation whether they discover it early on or much later."

Although the service has been restored, 9to5 believes a name change is the only long-term solution. Hence, it has asked users to suggest a different name for the website and has already received a list of suggestions, with being one of the top picks.

After the service was reinstated, 9to5 said on its Google dedicated portal, "So we're back..for now – but obviously we're exposed and it might make sense to make a change anyway. Stay tuned."