Google is reportedly working on a new iteration of its wearable headset, the Google Glass, although the device is not likely to be targeted at the general consumer.

Internally titled as the "Enterprise Edition" by Google staff, 9to5google claims the new device has a larger prism display than its predecessor, an Intel Atom processor for better performance, and improved battery life.

The report comes days after Google filed an anonymous piece of hardware – code-named A4R-GG1 – with the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

Citing anonymous sources, 9to5google said the new version would be aimed at the enterprise market.

The larger screen will make the headset's display more visible in the wearer's peripheral vision, reducing eye strain problems, according to the report.

The device sports better battery life, although the improvements are only "modest" compared to the previous version.

The report also said the search giant was testing an external battery pack that connects to the headset for extended life.

Last week, Google filed a new device with the FCC that had Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities.

Droid Life said the product had a Google Glass-like rectangular display, with the FCC's e-label accessed through a submenu that requires users to "scroll left and right" - similar to the scrolling mechanism on the original Google Glass.

The previous Glass prototype - titled the Explorer Edition - went on sale to developers and fans in the UK for £1,000 (€1,387, $1,540) in June last year, but was criticised for its limited features, poor battery life and awkward design. In January, Google pulled it from the market.

The device also raised concerns from privacy groups over its ability to use facial recognition and surreptitiously record and broadcast private conversations.