Google Doodle
The Google Doodle in the run up to Christmas on 23 December 2015

With just two days to go before Christmas, the Google Doodle has traditionally included reindeer, presents and snow. This year, however, the Doodle consists of several festive characters and items inspired by papercraft models and cut outs in a nod to the ancient art.

Today's (23 December) Doodle was conjured up by artist Robinson Wood, who created seasonally cheerful characters of animals and one human. Above them are sweets, stars and a horizontal Christmas tree - the most identifiable aspect of the holiday. On its blog, Google posted: "Happy holidays from all of us at Google, to you!" Hovering over the Doodle brings up the festive phrase: "'Tis the season!"

Paper folding can be traced back to 15th century Turkey and became industrialised in the 19th century. The Japanese art of origami is perhaps the most well known form of paper modelling and involves a single sheet of paper that is folded, but not cut.

The Doodle has been seen in most parts of the world, but not in Russia, north Africa and parts of central Asia. Google's Doodle on 23 December 2014 encapsulated the festive spirit and it consisted of smiling and waving children being pulled on a sleigh by a jovial reindeer as snow fell.