Nexus 8.9
A leaked photo of 8.9in Nexus Volantis by HTC.

Google's next-gen Nexus tablet, which has been an intensely discussed about topic of late, has once again hit rumour mills which say the tablet will be released on 19 August in an event in New York City, USA.

According to latest reports, Google's next-generation Nexus tablet, which is currently speculated to be called 'Nexus 8' is likely to be launched in an event held by HTC on 19 August.

The latest reports add meat to earlier speculations about HTC manufacturing the Nexus 8/Nexus 9.

The Taiwan-based company was also said to be working on an 8.9in device tentatively codenamed HTC Volantis which the company was expected to officially launch this fall, along with two other exclusive (to HTC) tablets.

However, with latest speculations hinting at a probable release of Nexus 8 (not Nexus 9) shortly, this means that the successor to Google's Nexus 7 will in all probability be the 8.9in Nexus 8 tablet.

Also, the latest reports signify that the HTC Volantis is the Nexus 8 device.

During the 19 August event, HTC is also expected to officially showcase an exclusive Smartwatch-like Wearable tentatively codenamed HTC One Wear that is expected to be officially launched in September this year.

As for the technical specifications of Nexus 8, the tablet is expected to incorporate an 8.9in display and be driven by a Nvidia Tegra K1 processor with 2GB of RAM.

An 8MP rear camera and a 3MP front camera are also expected to adorn the device.

With earlier reports hinting at the possibility of Nexus 8 running Google's recently unveiled Android L, the Nexus 8 tablet with the latest Android iteration, will likely grab attention of people throughout the world.

Also, the tablet, codenamed HTC Volantis, is slated to be sold commercially in two storage variants: 16GB and 32GB.

As of now, the pricing details of the new tablet are not available, but considering the rumoured tech-specs, users should expect a competitive price tag.

Google's earlier Nexus tablet, Nexus 7, was developed by Asus.

Currently, Google has not issued any official statement regarding the launch of its next-gen Nexus tablet.