The Google Nexus 7 tablet runs a sizeable battery of 4325mAh and the Internet search giant claims its product can provide up to nine hours of HD video playback and up to 10 hours of Internet activity and e-reading. Their claims have been backed up reviews, such as this from Engadget.

Google Nexus 7 Up for Grabs at Carphone Warehouse in UK
Google Nexus 7 is the first device to run on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. Google

Meanwhile, a teardown assessment by iFixit concluded that the difference between the Nexus' battery and that of the Amazon Kindle Fire (4400mAh unit providing seven hours and 42 minutes of use) and Apple's new iPad (11500mAh providing nine hours and 52 minutes of use) is the ease with which it can be removed. The point is that Nexus users are free to change batteries, potentially opting for an even more powerful one than that they already have, should they choose to. iPad owners, unfortunately, cannot.

A benchmark test by AnandTech showed the Nexus delivered fairly good battery life. In fact, it provided for nearly double the Internet browsing time of the Kindle Fire (nine hours to five hours and 33 minutes). Similarly, the Nexus was dominant in the video playback and 3D gaming tests, running for 10 hours and 36 minutes and four hours and eight minutes, respectively.

Check out a few tips to get the Google Nexus 7 to run even longer than it does now...

  • Turn of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Global Positioning System (GPS) when not in use. These services use considerable amounts of charge. You can turn them off by navigating through Settings > Personal > Location Services
  • Apps like Maps and Navigation are equally power-draining. In addition, they use the GPS function as well, leading to even more battery drain. Turn on these apps only when needed
  • Reduce screen brightness and set shorter Sleep Timeouts. Do this by navigating through Settings > Device > Display
  • Check for messages, emails and other notifications manually and turn off all automatic syncing for all apps. Do this by navigating through Settings > Accounts > Google Accounts - name
  • Switch to Airplane Mode when not near or using a Wi-Fi network. To enter Airplane Mode, press and hold the Power button or navigate through Settings > Wireless & Networks > More > Airplane Mode
  • Keep an eye on which app uses more battery charge and customise these settings to your individual preferences. In order to understand how each app uses charge, navigate through Settings > Device > Battery and study the list showing breakdown of battery use