Google search Skellow
The unfortunate image that turned up when people searched for 'Skellow' over the weekend

If you were one of the unfortunate people who happened to search Google for the Doncaster town of Skellow over the weekend, you would have had a bit of a surprise.

Instead of a picture of the town's rolling greenery next to its map, users who Googled the name of the town actually saw a picture of a nude man standing proud with a towel draped over his genitals.

The discovery was made by David Firth who grabbed a screenshot and posted it on Twitter.

For those of you who are quickly opening up Google to get a glimpse of this rare sight, you are not in luck. Google was quick to take action and the image was removed shortly afterwards.

Here's what a location search result should really look like:


According to New.Com.Au, Firth is a cartoonist and was searching for Skellow after talking with a friend about a video he had made.

It is thought that the image has its origins on a blog called Housequake. Firth's tweet highlighting this error went viral on the Twitterverse.