Police in the Netherlands have released a video of two officers having a snowball fight with some kids in the street. The video, posted on Facebook on 11 February, shows the officers taking on a number of children in The Hague district of Moerwijk.

The video was shot using a bodycam attached to a police officer participating in the game. This creates a Bond-like first-person view as the officer ducks behind lamp posts vehicles as he is peppered with snowballs by locals.

Moerwijk is very diverse part of The Hague: the district is made up of 49% foreigners including Moroccans, Surinamese, Turks and Antilleans.

A spokesman for the police said: "Connecting with the people in the district is very important for us. Sometimes you do that by providing aid or a good conversation.

"We adapt to the circumstances and sometimes... just sometimes... we have a snowball fight with the kids in the neighbourhood. Like today in Moerwijk."