Batman fans have a reason to rejoice! New TV series Gotham, which is based on the early days of Batman premieres tonight (22 September) on Fox.

The Batman prequel series will see the journey of Gotham city and a young Bruce Wayne, through the eyes of detective James Gordon (Commissioner Gordon in his younger days played by actor Ben McKenzie).

Fans will see how Bruce Wayne goes on to develop his alter ego into a super hero and savior of Gotham city.

The synopsis of the pilot episode of Gotham reads: "Rookie detective James Gordon battles villains and corruption in the premiere of this action-adventure series set in pre-Batman Gotham City."

The new series will also focus on the origins of popular Batman villains like the Catwoman, Riddler and Penguin.

During a recent conference call with the press, Gotham star Ben McKenzie was asked about the villains on the show and whether there are any plans of introducing DC Comics' non-human supervillains like Killer Croc or ClayFace (via

"Because Penguin is front and center in the pilot, I'm really excited for people to see what Robin (actor Robin Taylor) is doing with Penguin", McKenzie replied.

"I have a weird soft spot in my heart for Nygma, I've always liked the Riddler, I know it's a very unorthodox choice, I know a lot of people hate The Riddler! But I find him really fascinating! Scarecrow, I think he's really cool!

"There has been no talks, thus far, that I'm aware of, and I'm not in the writer room (obviously), to include non-human villains. I think we'll start with the humans and then we'll branch out from there. But again, it's early days, we're only 8 episodes into shooting, so we, hopefully, knock on wood, have a long way to go! And we can bring these people in, or non-people in if need be," said the actor.

The first episode of Gotham was shown to members of the press a few days ahead of its TV premiere. Here is a snippet of the pilot episode's review from The New York Times:

"Gotham begins with classic Batman visuals: a hooded figure crouches between a pair of gargoyles before jumping off a building. Except that it's not Bruce Wayne, a.k.a. the Batman, who's going off the roof. He's still 8 years old and has yet to beat up his first criminal. At that moment he's leaving a movie theater with his parents."

Gotham premiere episode airs tonight at 8.00 pm ET/ 7.00 pm CT on Fox.

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You can also log on to the show's official website for additional info, sneak peeks and broadcast details.