GoToMyPC – the remote access software service – was hit by hackers over the weekend, who according to the firm, conducted a "very sophisticated password attack". The company is yet to reveal how many users were affected in the hack, but has initiated password resets for all users.

The company claimed that the attack was not immediately detected. Users first complained that they could not log into their accounts on 18 June, after which the company said that it "experienced an issue which requires you [users] to reset your password if you are having trouble logging into your account."

However, on 19 June the firm posted an apologetic announcement about the cyberattack. The statement read: "Unfortunately, the GoToMYPC service has been targeted by a very sophisticated password attack. To protect you, the security team recommended that we reset all customer passwords immediately. Effective immediately, you will be required to reset your GoToMyPC password before you can login again."

GoToMyPC allows users to remotely access computers via their smartphones or tablets. It allows users to connect their systems at work to the ones at home, syncing all data and providing file transfer and remote printing options.

There is no information on whether users' personal information has been compromised or not. IBTimes UK has reached out to Citrix that provides the remote access service and are awaiting a response.

GoToMyPC has advised users not to use "a word from the dictionary" when choosing a password, adding that passwords should be more than 8 characters and complex with randomly added "capital letters, punctuation or symbols". The company also suggested that users "substitute numbers for letters that look similar (for example, substitute "0" for "o" or "3" for "E")". The company has also urged users to adopt the two-step verification process offered, in efforts to help boost security.

GoToMyPC hit by hackers, password reset initiated for user accounts
The company said it was hit by a "very sophisticated password attack" but failed to mention any further details Getty Images