A court has given five years of jail term to a teacher in Greater Manchester for raping a teen boy. While giving the verdict, Judge Paul Lawton called the assault a "brutal" attack.

The sentencing came after Andre Holder pleaded guilty to the crime and admitted the rape at Manchester's Minshull Street Crown Court on Monday (4 December). It is reported that the teacher raped the 17-year-old boy after grooming him over several months and spinning "a web of lies" to cover up his crime.

Local media reports stated that the 25-year-old had sexually assaulted the victim while working as a teacher in Stretford, Greater Manchester. He raped the teen at his home in between taking classes.

The official complaint filed against Holder said he had grabbed the victim in a headlock before forcing himself upon him. But eventually he fled from the crime scene after the boy begged him to stop.

The rape survivor, who cannot be named because of legal reasons, said: "As a young man, this was the worst experience I've had. It destroyed me mentally, physically and emotionally. I feel devastated and violated.

"These emotions are still overwhelming. I thought about suicide, I am now seeking help so I can be in more control of my thoughts and feelings but there are days I don't want to be here."

Judge Lawton said: "You were a young, hardworking man, a teacher with a bright future and part of a loving family. You destroyed all of that in a matter of minutes by brutally raping your victim."

The Metro reported that Holder will also appear on the sex offenders register for the rest of his life.