Greek leader Alexis Tsipras will make an announcement on 20 August where he will call snap elections towards the end of September and unconfirmed reports say he will resign to re-establish confidence in his Syriza party.

Following a meeting of government ministers and top officials within Syriza with the prime minister, it was said the election will be called and will possibly take place on 20 September.

Before the meeting, Greek English newspaper Kathimerini said: "One set of advisers is urging the prime minister to move swiftly and call a ballot for September 20 or 27 at the latest so the government can overcome the internal rift that has opened up within Syriza."

Divisions within the party have deepened into full rebellion following Tsipras's concessions to Greece's EU creditors in a debt deal that will bail out the country for a third time with €86bn (£61bn, $96bn) in exchange for strict austerity measures.

On Thursday Greece was given €13bn as part of the debt deal which it promptly repaid to the European Central Bank to avoid default.

Former energy minister Panagiotis Lafazanis is leading a breakaway faction within the party. If Tsipras steps down, it may keep Syriza together. A new election, however, will hold up legislation needed to solidify the debt deal.