Muslims are calling on all Londoners to donate £1 to raise millions in total for the victims of the Grenfell Tower fire.

Muhbeen Hussain, from the British Muslim Youth, launched the #OnePoundOneLondoner campaign to support the hundreds of people who have been left homeless after the devastating blaze gutted their block of flats in the early hours of Wednesday (14 June).

The idea is simple: if every person living in London donates just £1, there would be millions of pounds available to help the victims and their families rebuild their lives.

"This isn't about anyone's faith or background," Hussain told the Metro. "This is about Londoners from all faiths and backgrounds, just playing their part in trying to do what they can to help rebuild those that have lost so much. It's what Londoners and us Brits do best. In times of need, we dig deep and we all play our part. So join the queue."

The campaign is not just about providing financial support to the victims, Hussain stressed. "It is about coming together and everyone being a link within this huge chain of collective action."

"In times of horror and tragedy, we come together and together we fight our way out of it! We are Londoners!" a statement on the fundraising page reads.

Just a few hours after the campaign was launched, almost 400 people had already donated money.

There has been a huge response from Londoners following the devastating fire, with hundreds of people dropping off food and clothes at community centres and churches in Kensington where the Grenfell Tower residents are staying.

More than 30 people are in hospital – 17 of whom are in critical condition. Many people are still missing. Firefighters have said they do not expect to find any more survivors in the burnt-out tower block.

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