"Grey's Anatomy" season 16 is officially back from winter break and following the end of "Station 19" crossover, the show is gearing up for the remaining episodes of this season. So, want to know what's happening in the future? Here is everything we know about episode 12 airing next week.

[Spoiler alert! This article contains spoilers for "Grey's Anatomy" season 16 episode 12. Steer away immediately, if you don't want to know more about it.]

"Grey's Anatomy" season 16 episode 12 is aptly titled "The Last Supper" and it is going to shift focus from the primary cast members like Meredith, Bailey, Owen, and Amelia, to others. For a very long time, fans have been wondering about the future of Richard and Catherine's relationship.

The upcoming episode will answer the very question. This is probably the one chance to learn more about Richard and Catherine's relationship. According to the official description of episode 12, Richard and Catherine finally decide to address the issues in their relationship. In an attempt to resolve the problems, Catherine and Richard organise a dinner and invite Jackson. However, things take an awkward turn when he decides to call his new girlfriend Vic to join him during the get-together that he thinks is in the honour of Richard and Catherine's anniversary.

It won't be long before Jackson finds himself in a tricky situation when he realizes that the dinner is no celebration. He was asked to join them for different reasons. Nevertheless, it is a great opportunity for the show to explore the depths of Vic and Jackson's newfound romance. At the same time, the show will focus on Levi and Nico's relationship and this will come with an exciting trip outside the hospital. Levi decides to take Nico on a trip to visit a sick family member.

Fans are informed that the promo video for "Grey's Anatomy" season 16 episode 12 is yet to be released. It is expected to be unveiled after the broadcast of episode 11 titled "A Hard Pill to Swallow" airing Thursday night. This happens to be the first full-fledged "Grey's Anatomy" episode after the winter premiere.

Jesse Williams
Grey's Anatomy actor Jesse Williams celebrates his 35th birthday today (5 August 2016) Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

"Grey's Anatomy" Season 16 episode 12 airs Thursday, February 6 on ABC.