GTA 5 Online: Future DLC Weapons - New Scrapped Sniper Rifle, Air-Burst Grenade Launcher and More Revealed

For those of you who are looking for more ways to make money on GTA 5, here is a brand new money glitch from YouTube. It involves duplicating cars and selling them at Los Santos.

Go to your Cell Phone, navigate to Travel and Transport and head to the bottom. Pick up any vehicle; Your choice won't really matter. Next, move the red tool box to the place specified in the garage. Watch the video below for the exact location.

After this, replace that vehicle with the one that you want to duplicate. The car will be replaced. Drive it out and then renter the garage. Do it over and over, and you can replace all your cars with the more expensive one. You can find these duplicated cars in your garage with instructions from the video.

Tip 1: The car that you want to duplicate has to be fresh and should not be a previously duplicated car. We recommend that players purchase a new car to perform this money glitch.

Tip 2: Players must keep in mind that when you sell cars, you get more money based on the modifications you have made on the cars. So make sure that the car that you intend to duplicate is not only new, but has some expensive modifications too.

Players who use duplicated stock cars will make very little money when they try to sell them at Los Santos Customs.

And if you are bored of driving around in GTA 5, we recommend that you use tanks and jets instead. To pick up a free tank or jet, check out this simple guide over here.