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GTA 5 Online: How to Get Free Tanks And Jets on GTA 5 After 1.14 Update

With Rockstar paching a vast majority of the money glitches on GTA 5, it is becoming increasingly hard for gamers to acquire vehicles like the tank legally. Owing to this, a YouTuber has now come up with an extremely easy method to get tanks on GTA 5 for almost free.

He suggests that players use Lester's special ability called Cops Turn Blind Eye. This ability was added right before the HighLife update on GTA 5 and causes cops to ignore any crimes that players commit for three minutes. The feature only costs $5000 to use and is extremely effective.

If they want the free tank, then players must first acquire a Cargo Bob, which randomly spawns at several Helipads, as shown in the video below. Once you have picked it up, fly over to Fort Sankudo and approach the base from its northern side. Make sure you don't fly over the base just yet.

Once you have reached, call Lester and activate the special ability. Storm into the base, find a tank and grab it with your Cargo Bob. Go to the area specified in the video, drop the tank off, hijack it carefully and then throw the driver out. Players should avoid killing the driver, as they will then get two stars on their wanted level.

The same method can also be used to get a jet from a base. If you have come across other similar tips and tricks, do share them with us in the comments section below.