Ever since GTA 5 came out on the PS3 and Xbox 360, fans of the game have been requesting Rockstar for a PC version of the game. However, the developer hasn\'t been very kind to the community since it has been rather silent about the issue on a whole.

In response to this, many moddersls have been tweaking parts and elements of GTA 4 for PC so that players on PC can enjoy GTA5-type experiences on their platform.

They have been taking all the best parts of GTA 5 and turning them into mods for GTA 4. While the result is nowhere close to an authentic GTA5 experience, it allows PC gamers to get a taste of the game.

Taligolt, a YouTube user known for uploading videos of mods for GTA 4, has now come out with a new video which features North Yankton (from GTA 5) in GTA 4 for PC, according to CinemaBlend. You can have a look at it in the video below.

The ported map looks beautiful on GTA 4 and even performs flawlessly. Lightning and snow effects look great and the map looks rather polished and well-presented overall. Currently, the mod is being finished up for an official public release and will be available soon.

Will Rockstar make a version of GTA 5 for PC? There is no information on this. However, as there is a massive fan base for it, it goes without saying that the developer can reap some serious revenue from the endeavour.

GTA 5: Gone in Sixty Seconds

Check out this image of an iconic secne from the move \"Gone in 60 Seconds\" reame on GTA 5. The picture was posted on Reddit by user SirRockNRola.

GTa 5 Gone in Sixty Seconds