GTA 5: Ill-Gotten Gains DLC
GTA 5 Ill-Gotten Gains DLC (Part 2) wishlist: Mansions, Casino, Pink Slips and Bahama Mamas Night Club Rockstar Games

Rockstar is expected to release the second instalment of Ill-Gotten Gains DLC for GTA 5 in the next few weeks, while the internet is already abuzz with a bunch of wishlists for the upcoming DLC that hints at the most probable feature additions to GTA Online including Mansions, Casino, Pink Slips and Bahama Mamas Night Club.

Renowned YouTuber DomisLive (aka Dom) takes a sneak peek at some of these items in the consolidated DLC wishlist, in his latest gameplay video for GTA Online.

First up in the wishlist would definitely be the Mansions DLC as Rockstar has created huge mansions in GTA 5 without actually allowing access to these buildings or providing the ability to purchase them.

The catch here is that the mansions have existed in the game ever since the game released on the console platforms as well as the PC, and hence it would be a grave injustice to the game, if it is left unutilised in a rapidly ageing game world of GTA 5.

Moving on to the long rumoured Casino DLC, it is imperative to note that the theme of Ill-Gotten Gains DLC aptly suits with the gameplay elements of the Casino, where you could lavishly spend all your disposable income with the intent of making more money and getting rich overnight.

Given the context of the upcoming second part of the DLC, Casino mini-games and Casino Heists would definitely be on the priority list of all discerning gamers in GTA Online.

Rockstar might even try to change the dynamics of racing in multiplayer mode by simply adding the Pink Slips feature, wherein the winner will qualify to take home the best ride in the event, without resorting to distasteful cheating or hacking antics in the game.

Finally, the Bahama Mamas Night Club makes the cut into the most-anticipated DLC items list, as there is a dearth of full-fledged night clubs in GTA Online.

Do let us know in the comments section below, what features or content you would like to see as part of your wishlist for the impending release of Ill-Gotten Gains DLC (Part 2).

In related news, another popular YouTuber MrBossFTW (aka Ross) walks us through a series of questionnaire (QnA) from his beloved fans and followers via Twitter, wherein the latest edition of QnA focuses solely on the forthcoming Ill-Gotten Gains DLC (Part 2) for GTA Online.

The questionnaire revolves around a spate of most anticipated DLC game content including mansions, Casino, more supercars and Ill-Gotten Gains DLC (Part 2) release date.

Check out Ross's perspective and comprehensive explanation about the ensuing hype regarding the most likely game content or wishlist for the upcoming DLC update, in the gameplay video below: