Renowned YouTuber iCrazyTeddy has answered a bunch of intriguing fan queries pertaining to the expected release date for Ill-Gotten Gains DLC (Part 2), the new gamemode for GTA 5 and more, in his latest edition of the QnA series for GTA 5.

Talking about the first fan query on the likely release date or release window for the impending second instalment (Part 2) of Ill-Gotten Gains DLC, iCrazyTeddy reiterates Rockstar's recent statement on Newswire that it will be out sometime late this summer.

The YouTuber further hints that Rockstar is likely to upload some test files for the new update on its game servers, just a couple of weeks ahead of its actual release.

iCrazyTeddy also suggests that the Tunables have been updated for all the gaming platforms as the Ill-Gotten Gains DLC event weekend has ended.

It is also ascertained that a new Stunt Race category of gamemode will be coming to GTA Online as part of the forthcoming Ill-Gotten Gains DLC (Part2), according to a recent tweet from prolific GTA 5 tipster, Funmw2.

iCrazyTeddy further explains that Funmw2 has unearthed these details on the upcoming Stunt Race gamemode through the advanced filters under Job Type > Race gamemode > Stunt Race and this could be a great addition to GTA Online, given the massive fan-following for stunt-based missions in GTA 5.

The YouTuber concludes that the second instalment (Part 2) of Ill-Gotten Gains DLC would be coming out in July or August, as that would literally signal the end of the summer season.

In related news, the same YouTuber reveals the consolidated wishlist for the upcoming Ill-Gotten Gains DLC (Part 2), which is extracted from the personal inputs taken from various users of the GTA community.

Talking about the wishlist, iCrazyTeddy highlights Casino, Mansions and some high-technology military weapons and vehicles that are expected to debut with the second instalment of Ill-Gotten Gains DLC for GTA Online.

Some noteworthy mini-games such as Blackjack, Poker, Roulette and slot machines, along with a bunch of dealers and animations had earlier (a couple of months ago) surfaced online through Funmw2's leaked game files.

The long-standing Casino building with the banner reading 'Opening Soon' has actually left avid fans of GTA hugely disappointed, as Rockstar has remained silent on the possible launch date for Casino DLC.

The GTA community is still hopeful that the second instalment of the Ill-Gotten Gains update could finally lift the curtains on the highly-anticipated Casino update for GTA Online.

With almost nothing of monetary interest left for venture capitalists in the ageing world of GTA Online, it is high time that Rockstar Games made some impression with a money-minting DLC such as the Casino DLC or Casino Heist missions for GTA 5 and GTA Online.

iCrazyTeddy also mentions the need for a private yacht and new helipads for GTA Online as it would add a new dimension to the highly-ambitious and adventurous explorers in the game.

For instance, new helipads on apartment buildings and at huge property hoardings such as the golf-club or casino could help gamers save their journey time as flying planes requires an airport that takes up huge space, besides superior flying skills, while travel by roads consumes an insane amount of time that does not suit people who are focused at just making quick money.