Rockstar Games recently rolled out the most eagerly awaited Independence Day DLC pack with a host of new apartments/houses, weapons, new cars and clothing as part of the newly released 1.15 patch for GTA Online, while discerning GTA 5 tipster DomisLive (aka Dom) has showcased a comprehensive Houses and Apartments Tour guide via YouTube video.

The tipster takes us through a complete walkthrough of apartment locations ranging from North Los Santos to East Los Santos and Blaine County.

All the 7 new apartments/houses can be accessed and purchased via Dynasty8 website in GTA Online.

Here is a rundown of the apartment features, locales, price and other details to help make your buying decision:

4 Hangman Avenue (North Los Santos)

First of the lot is the 4 Hangman Avenue located at North Los Santos which comes with a 6-car garage at a hefty price of $175,000. It brings a native Vinewood Hills experience with lush green surroundings and stunning locale viewpoints.

The house is well placed for an over-the-top view of the whole Los Santos city and includes a swimming pool at the backyard. The interiors of the house expectedly resemble the ones we find with older apartments.

It encompasses a cosy restroom, bedroom and a spacious living room/dining hall with fully furnished sofa set, book rack, TV, dining table set, non-functional fridge and more.

The dining hall is directly attached to the modular kitchen with basic kitchenware already available on the shelves.

The 6-car garage looks compact with enough room for a bicycle rack apart from the regular vehicle maintenance tools strewn around. The garage has a sneaky entrance to the house apart from the backyard exit.

4584 Procopio Dr (Blaine County)

Next up in the list is a cosy little villa with a 6-car garage in Blaine County which is priced at $165,000 via Dynasty8 website.

There is a lawn right in front of the house leading to the entrance and this one is visibly smaller in size than the first one.

Despite the varying external looks and size, the interiors remain the same across all the new houses/apartments introduced with the Independence Day DLC or 1.15 update for GTA Online.

It appears that the deciding factor to buy a new house would obviously be based on the location rather than the interiors, which remains constant regardless of the price you pay for it.

Tip #1: Owners of 10-car garages in GTA 5 Online are advised to be cautious while purchasing a new house or apartment with 6-car garage, as there is the risk of losing your cars in the process of shifting.

Tip #2: In case you lost your most cherished cars while shifting from 10-car to 6-car garage, just buy another house with 10-car garage and move your vehicles there to get back your lost cars.

0232 Paleto Blvd with 2-car Garage

This is a budget house with just a 2-car garage in Blaine County. It sells at $121,000 and has a cool Sedan (a free car) standing right in front of the house.

The interiors of this house are a wee-bit different than the others, given its smaller size. Check out the smoking weed barn, fully-furnished bedroom and more houses in the video below.

Do you plan to purchase any of these houses? Please leave your comments below.