GTA 5 for PC Coming Soon
Grand Theft Auto 5 unlikely to remain a console exclusive for long

Grand Theft Auto 5 may launch for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this June, according to the latest rumours.

A Czech retailer has listed next gen and PC versions of Rockstar's hit crime epic for release on 13 June.

Rumours of new versions of the game have been circulating for months, with the wide-spread belief now being that they indeed exist. Though Rockstar and Take Two are yet to officially announce them.

Grand Theft Auto

There is reason to suspect the rumour however, as the alleged PC version's cover sports the now-defunct "Games for Windows Live" banner at the top. However it could just as easily be an ill-conceived placeholder.

Yesterday it was reported that the game might become a "magnet for lawsuits" despite a case against Rockstar for the delay in rolling out Grand Theft Auto Online being thrown out of a US court.

Publisher Take-Two recently announced that the game has now shipped 32.5 million copies worldwide, putting it on course to become the biggest selling video game of all time.

In January a Brazilian retailer listed the game for release in March.