GTA 5 DLC: Casino Heists in Spotlight After Rockstar Teases 'Exciting New Story Mode' [VIDEO]
GTA 5 DLC: Casino Heists in spotlight after Rockstar teases 'Exciting New Story Mode' '

Rockstar recently teased an "exciting new Story Mode" for the upcoming GTA 5 DLC along with a release date announcement for the eagerly awaited Beach Bum DLC and the 1.06 patch for GTA Online. Since then a spate of rumours have flourished online, hinting at the various possibilities for a new GTA 5 story mode DLC in the making.

A couple of rumoured DLCs have been in the spotlight ever since Rockstar's revelation of a new story mode DLC for GTA 5. A North Yanktown DLC rumour first surfaced online a few weeks ago, when a modder known as theNGClan from the GTAForums reportedly uncovered data suggesting that the DLC is being developed by Rockstar.

It initially seemed that the Yanktown DLC could be a credible rumour, considering the fact that North Yankton is barely accessible through major parts of the game in single-player mode. The only exceptions are the partial access to North Yankton at the beginning of the story mission and towards the end.

The hidden lines of code in GTA 5 reportedly reveal a list of radio stations and weapons, besides a concealed dialogue between Michael and Jimmy for the purported Yanktown DLC. There is also a hint of revisiting the game characters such as Niko Bellic and Roman from GTA 4.

Rockstar has not commented on the existence of the DLC yet. However, the Yanktown DLC was ascertained to be a hoax, thanks to the modder theNGclan who later confessed the DLC to be a hoax that was ambitiously created by him.

The modder reportedly admitted that he created a hoax to divert attention from other forums and grab publicity for his own crooked intentions. He then revealed that his infamous creation involved a fully fake storyline, a list of duped vehicles, weapons and a mix of possibly favourite music and radio stations, as well as in-game characters.

After the North Yanktown DLC was labelled a complete hoax and almost forgotten by the GTA 5 community, a reference to Casino Heists has surfaced online with its roots linked to the building located in Vinewood Park.

GTA 5 DLC: Casino Heists in Spotlight After Rockstar Teases 'Exciting New Story Mode' [VIDEO]
GTA 5 DLC: Casino Heists in Spotlight After Rockstar Teases 'Exciting New Story Mode'

The signboard on this casino reads: "Opening Soon", which conveys the message to expect something along the lines of Casino Heists with the upcoming DLC updates. If the rumour turns out true then Michael, Trevor and Franklin may join hands together for a conniving heist like in Ocean's 11.

GTA 5 DLC: Casino Heists in Spotlight After Rockstar Teases 'Exciting New Story Mode' [VIDEO]

The lack of casinos in GTA 5 and the sparingly located casino at Vinewood strongly suggest a missing link to the alleged GTA Online heists. Though Rockstar has so far been tight-lipped about the place and time details for the GTA Online heists, discerning gamers would yearn for heist missions to be part of the upcoming Beach Bum DLC.

There is some good news for avid GTA 5 fans though, as there seems to be some in-game infrastructure to support an alleged secret bank vault that was recently spotted in a YouTube video. If you are a sceptic, check out the video below:

The video apparently suggests that the GTA Online heists could indeed be linked to the secret bank vault. There is still no official word on when the GTA Online heists would kick off. Nevertheless, it is widely expected that the 1.06 patch accompanying the Beach Bum DLC release on 19 November might pave the way for online heists, and we just hope that it turns out true.

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