Supernatural season 13
Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles as Sam and Dean in Supernatural The CW

Supernatural actors Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki are known to fool around the show's sets. But the actors were recently spotted hanging out on The Flash season 3 sets as Ackles took to social media to entertain fans with another fun video of them.

Ackles tweeted a video of himself with Padalecki — who is seen taking a nap — and called out to the show's lead actor Grant Gustin. He wrote, "Hangin on the #TheFlash set w/@jarpad .. Hey @grantgust how do u get any work done with all these rules? #NeedNaps."

In the video above we see the actors sitting near signs, "No sleeping on set!" and "No food on set" as Padalecki is seen snoring and Ackles is eating his lunch. Gustin replied to their antics and tweeted, "this is the best..."

Ackles and Padalecki play hunter brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester, in the show, while Gustin plays Barry Allen in The Flash, and both the shows air on The CW network. Supernatural and The Flash fans are also having a little fun of their own with this Twitter banter. A user tweeted, "Sam & Dean investigate an urban legend in Central City. Is Baby fast enough to catch Flash? #SuperFlash." Another user commented, "I would love to see The Winchester Brothers on the Flash that would be so fantastic."

"I thought this was an episode, since it looked like Sam was knocked out and Dean was stuffing his face," another fan wrote. Well, to put rumours to rest, there is no Supernatural-The Flash crossover happening, and this is just Ackles and Padalecki fooling around as usual.

Supernatural season 12 will premiere on 10 October at 9pm EST, and The Flash season 3 premieres on 4 October at 8pm EST on The CW network.