Another big fighting game tournament recently wrapped up this weekend in Chicago, Illinois with several AAA titles highlighted. Popular games such as "Street Fighter V: Champion Edition," "Tekken 7," "Dragon Ball FighterZ," "Super Smash Bros. Ultimate," and others featured high-level play from top players. Aside from the exciting matches, fans of Arc System Works tuned in to catch another debut trailer for a returning character in "Guilty Gear Strive." Appropriately taking centre stage at Frosty Faustings XII was none other than Faust himself.

In spite of the new installments impending release sometime in 2020, "Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2" still manages to draw a sizeable number of competitors. After its initial announcement at the EVO 2019 tournament, the game's impressive visuals, rocking soundtrack, and signature gameplay, quickly drew the attention of fighting game aficionados all over the globe. Fast forward to the 2019 ArcREVO Grand Finals, where the developers teased the scheduled release of the trailer for the quirky doctor.

So far, the roster features franchise mainstays such as Sol Badguy, Ky Kiske, May, Axl Low, Potemkin, Chip Zanuff, and Faust. Game creator Daisuke Ishiwatari confirmed that Arc System Works is reworking some mechanics of "Guilty Gear Strive" so it becomes appealing to newcomers to the series.

The latest #GuiltyGearStrive trailer featuring everyone's favorite creepy doctor is live!

Watch it here:

— ArcSystemWorks 🔜 @FrostyFaustings (@ArcSystemWorksU) January 19, 2020

In addition to the modified elements, the graphics have been enhanced, while the character designs and models were tweaked to give them an updated look. Meanwhile, among the lineup of fighters, Faust seems to have been given a downright terrifying makeover.

All his previous iterations present him as a comical character with unusual attacks. In "Guilty Gear Strive," he now looks menacing with attacks that appear creepy and disturbing, as described by EventHubs. Moreover, some of his older iconic special moves have been reworked, but will still be familiar to veterans who regularly use him in some of the older games.

While the Frosty Faustings XII venue did not have a demo copy for attendees to try out, Arc System Works confirmed it will host a playable demonstration at EVO Japan 2020 next week. Furthermore, another opportunity to test the latest build of the "Guilty Gear Strive" with Faust in it will be on Saturday, February 8, at the JAEPO show

'Guilty Gear Strive' welcomes Faust
The latest "Guilty Gear Strive" trailer released at Frosty Faustings XII showcased Faust and his new design. Photo: Arc System Works