Introducing the man with the world's longest tongue.24-year-old Californian Nick Soeberl enters the record books with a tongue an extraordinary 10.1cm in length.

"My tongue's useful for a lot of the conventional things you would think, licking lolly pops, eating ice cream and getting all of the pudding out of the bottom of a cup."

He's just one of a number of new record breakers to feature in the 2015 Guinness Book of Records, which this year celebrates running for 60 years. Listing human achievements alongside weird and wonderful record breakers, another to feature in the latest edition is Karsten Mass, creator of the world's longest usable golf club.

"When other golfers see it they are looking a lot and thinking if that at all is possible to hit with a club like this, but it is, and it's funny, and so it has to be."

The UK can also claim a new record in the 60th edition, with inventor Yannick Read entering the book after building the world's smallest caravan. Just 2.4m long and less than a metre wide, it still contains a full sized bed, TV, sink and kettle. There's also enough space to read up on the some of the latest world records in this year's edition.