Game Collection
Thomasson with his huge collection Facebook

The world's largest video game collection has sold for $750,250 (£442,000).

Over 11,000 games and numerous consoles are contained in the Guinness World Record-holding collection put together by Michael Thomasson.

His huge collection was sold on gaming auction site Game Gavel with the winning bid submitted by peeps_10091970 after a two day bidding war with another user by the name of catch123.

Fifty bids were made for the collection, including three shot in the dark bids of $1, $5 and $10.

Oculus Rift founder Palmer Luckey also made two bids of $50,000 and just over $90,000 before bailing out when the heat was turned up. So much for all that Facebook money.

Thomasson posted a video on YouTube back in November when The Guinness Book of World Records verified his collection's status as the largest in the world.

Started in 1998 when Thomasson was managing his own game store, the collection includes the complete US back catalogues for 20 consoles and many of the thousands of games are still in their original packaging.

It is also his third such collection, having sold the first in 1989 to buy a Sega Genesis and the second larger one in 1998 to pay for his wedding. Personally I'm not sure which was a more valid reason.

Perhaps a little sadly, the winning offer values each game at around $68 (£40), which is around the average retail price for a video game.