A 90-year-old shotgun-wielding Texas grandmother has been detained after a tense standoff with SWAT team officers.

Eleouise Adcock kept SWAT officers at bay for four hours after they arrived at her home responding to a 911 call from construction workers, who said the pensioner threatened them with a gun while they were excavating dirt and loading it onto a barge behind her house.

Adcock has lived on the banks of the San Jacinto River for more than 40 years and had grown increasingly irritated by the exploits of a marine towing company which moved in on either side of her house and took down a number of local homes to make room for their equipment.

Adcock is the last homeowner in the neighbourhood and has repeatedly refused the company's attempts to buy her home, Click 2 Houston reported.

The grandmother's ire finally reached boiling point and she brandished her 12-gauge shotgun at officers as they tried to calm her down.

"They told us she has pointed weapons at them before," Harris County Sheriff's Deputy Thomas Gilliland said.

"They didn't tell anyone about it the first few times. This time they felt she was much more angry about them being here working and excavating the dirt."

Neighbour Ralph King said: "I knew she was going to be on the news eventually. She just doesn't want to sell.

"Her husband built that house and that's where she wants to stay. She's hard to get along with - it's her way or no way."

A sergeant engaged Adcock in conversation while the SWAT team deployed around her house. As she began to relax, she finally put down her gun. Officers then rushed to her porch and grabbed her weapon.

Officers gently placed Adcock's hands behind her back and escorted her to a hospital for a psychological evaluation. No charges are expected to be filed.

Watch Eleouise Adcock's SWAT team standoff below: