For the second time in a year, private photos and WhatsApp conversations of WWE diva Paige have been leaked by unknown hackers. The British wrestler Saraya-Jade Bevis, who goes by the name Paige, was targeted by hackers earlier in March in what was dubbed as "Fappening 2.0".

Hackers have reportedly leaked explicit photos and selfies of the WWE star Paige, along with WhatsApp conversations with WWE wrestler Xavier Woods. The hackers have threatened to leak more content in the coming days, Hackread reported. Private photos of WWE ring announcer Jijo have also reportedly been leaked by the same hackers.

In March, Paige confirmed that her phone had been hacked and private photos stolen. She was one of the many high-profile celebrities – which included A-listers such as Emma Watson, Amanda Seyfried, Mischa Barton and others – whose nude photos were published online.

The new batch of data has allegedly been published on the same website as before. IBTimes UK is not reporting the name of the site over privacy concerns. The authenticity of the leaked content could not be independently confirmed.

The new leaks come soon after the third so-called "Celebgate" or "Fappening" hacker Emilio Herrera, 32, was charged for hacking into over 550 celebrities' Gmail and iCloud accounts.

It is still unclear if the hackers behind the more recent leaks are part of the same cybercriminal group that leaked nude photos of numerous celebrities in 2014. As of now, either of the alleged latest victims have not commented on the fresh batch of leaked content.

Hollywood actresses and many other celebrities – including Jennifer Lawrence, Kirsten Dunst, Kate Upton and Kim Kardashian – were among those affected by the 2014 hack.

Paige WWE wrestler
Hackers have reportedly leaked explicit photos and selfies of WWE star Paige