"Why is me hurting my ankle news," an amused Halsey wrote on Twitter after the hilarious story of her fracturing her ankle at her home went viral.

Halsey is known for her infectious energy during live shows, and has surprisingly evaded injuries despite her risky dance moves on the stage which includes her infamous gravity-defying signature "backbends." However, she was surprised when she ended up breaking her ankle in a bizarre kitchen mishap.

The "Bad At Love" singer recalled the manner of her injury during a virtual appearance on Roman Kemp's "Capital Breakfast," and revealed that she fractured her ankle while loading the dishwasher by tripping over its door due to a wet kitchen floor.

"I was loading the dishwasher and I pulled the door down to load the dishwasher. And the kitchen floor was wet and I tripped over the dishwasher door. And after, you know, 2,000 live shows, where I'm jumping around for two hours, I finally fractured my ankle. In the kitchen. At my house," the 25-year-old said.

Ouch 🙃 @halsey managed to fracture her ankle in probably the least ✨showbiz✨ way possible... pic.twitter.com/8w9UGm5Qro

— Capital (@CapitalOfficial) May 26, 2020

The "Closer" hitmaker clarified it to her fans during a Q&A on Twitter on Thursday, and wrote: "I tripped over the open dishwasher door cause the kitchen floor was wet when I was loading the dishes and slammed my ankle bone into the metal and fractured it hahaha." In another tweet, she said "I REALLY slammed that f***er haha," joking that she is only clumsy offstage.

The singer has kept her fans updated about her recovery via social media. Ahead of her interview with Roman Kemp, she had shared a mirror selfie of herself in a bikini on Instagram writing: "I took my brace off my ankle cause it was itchy and now I need to put it back."

However, the ankle injury wasn't the end of the singer's woes, as she later broke two toes on her other foot as well. Halsey confessed the second injury to a fan who wanted a follow-up on her ankles, and quipped that she is now "waddling like a penguin."

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"I was doing okay till I broke 2 toes on the other foot. So now I have a cast on left foot and 2 broken toes on right foot. Waddling like a penguin," she wrote on Twitter on Saturday.