Hamas said on Thursday (6 April) that it has executed three Palestinian men accused of collaborating with Israel. The militant group that governs Gaza claimed the men were hanged at a police compound on Thursday morning as several officials and leaders of the group watched.

The Islamist militant group launched a local media campaign against those it suspected of spying for Israel after one of its senior commanders Mazen Faqha was shot dead in Gaza on 24 March. The group accused the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad and its collaborators of killing the militant.

Faqha had formed cells for the group's military wing in the West Bank cities of Tubas and Jenin, according to Hamas. He was reportedly sentenced to nine terms of life imprisonment by Israel for directing suicide bombings against them. In 2011, he was freed along with 1,000 other Palestinians in exchange for one Israeli soldier.

Hamas has vowed to take radical measures against those who collaborated with Israel but offered them a chance to seek clemency.

On Tuesday, its interior ministry said: "The doors of repentance will be open for one week, from Tuesday, April 4 to Tuesday, April 11."

The group imposed strict restrictions on movement from Gaza after Faqha's killing and searches and security checks had gone up, AFP reported.

Since it took over Gaza in 2007, Hamas has executed 25 people sentenced under its judicial system. The militant group has also killed 23 individuals without trial during the 2014 war with Israel.